Mr.Toussaint, I believe that you are a smart man and you...

Grogrenn - March 19 2008, 8:55 AM

Mr.Toussaint, I believe that you are a smart man and you shouldn't think like the illiterates leading the country.

Haiti, unfortunately, is like a cancer; its own cells are destroying it.Otherwise, how do you explain that instead of welcoming people from the diaspora who are essential to Haiti's own subsistence, the "leaders" are doing everything in their power to discourage them from participating in the life of the country?

Assassination of investors from the diaspora, insecurity, attacks on people's nationality...

these are some of the tools used to prevent the diaspora from coming back to the country.

The question is:to what purpose?

The racist western world knows that the diaspora can change the situation in the country and, with the help of some of the clowns they put in power, they want to prevent such a change in order to always present to the world an image of Haiti as "the poorest nation of the hemisphere."
We need every haitian to change the country.

It is a shame that investors like Boulos might decide to leave the country for another one who offers him more opportunity.

At the end of the day, the people of Haiti who could have benefited from the creation of more jobs will be the ultimate loser.

What a shame!


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