A Bahamian of Hatian decent.

Wally M.joseph - March 20 2008, 4:08 PM

Good Afternoon Mr. President My name is Wally Master joseph living in the Bahamas, I would like to know how can i become an investor in Haiti in order to help my brothers and sisters of my parents.

What are the precedures to open a business in Haiti?

what protections will be in place to protect my investments?

will i be protected?

and what are the requirements needed to become an investor.

i have a monopolies of projects and investors wanting to become part of the social life in Haiti but are afraid of being kill, because of what they are hearing through the news, and i'm being persuasive to decline those information and assured that it will not happen.But can you assure me that my investors have nothing to worry about.hope to hear from you.

Wally M.Joseph

Nassau, Bahamas,The

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Jaszzie says...

this link might help hope it does(: more »