how can you say that you like preval

The Retureof Devalier - November 28 2006, 9:24 PM

lets be real with it haiti will never be
preval is not a good leader for a guy that been and the usa he does nothing for the country mr. preval call and the u s marine
with in 24hours site soleil will be clean
or hire a security company to do the job like thr a u doing and iraq or else call jeanclaude duvalier and ceed power over to him

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Rubennz Guzman says...

In my opinion, i think you are insulting haiti if you are seriously coinsidered Duvalier return to Power unless you... more »

Juan says...

Oh Boy, i'm sorry about your statements, but you're wrong. Who are the americans aren't them who make the guns. Who... more »