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Easier And Affordable To Build Infrastructure.

By Wilgeens Rosenberg

Haiti's negative reputation is where it is at today because its people have allowed it so. The media around the World can only speculate the dynamics of what is given to them due to the location of where the given focus is kept. Which means; if Port-Au-Prince, Cite Soleil and other dirty cities like those are all being offered for the media to see, well that is exactly what they will show the world of your Country.

There is much much beauty to Haiti than meet the eyes.

In Haiti, the Haitian people and its Government have not come to terms to know what the word "Deteriorating" means.

For in Haiti, such a word do not even exist until one can add "Beyond Repair" behind it. Even then, such a would would not be fully exhausted due to the fact that the very nature of most of the people there tend accept and get complacent to give in to the low standard of living condition.

In addition, their dependencies on government to do everything in the Country poses a major factor to the Country's lack of progressiveness.

Thus explains why the maintenance of the Streets are not kept as well as to why many areas in Haiti are turning into slums and so forth.

That is due to the fact that Haiti have not progressed mentally to want to evolve beyond the common major cities that known and its people know and have come to accept as all there is to Haiti.

Because to them, in most of their minds they hold on tight to a notion that life could not exist anywhere else beyond the limit of those common cities created such a high level of congestion in those known cities principally Port-Au-Prince.

The Government nor the people have not tried to build and expand their communities by reaching out to other areas of the country that have yet to be inhabited.

As for Haiti's negative reputation around the world, this could easily be avoided if the Haitian Government and Haitian Diasporas abroad were committed and truly love their Country enough to invest in building newly communities and cities elsewhere within the Country where abundant lands are yet to be corrupted by erosion among other ecological challenges that Haiti faces.

Nevertheless, not all of Haiti faces such ecological challenges.

Take a look at this interactive map of Haiti -- You will see there are much potentials for the possibility that New Cities can be built even if they were to be started each small communities or Apartment Complexes at a time. Given this is a zoomable map, if you look East of Port-Au-Prince right by the border of Dominican republic, you will see the largest lake called "Etang Saumatre or Lake Azuei" which is not an area that is highly populated.

This Areas in Haiti is so picturesque and beautiful.

The air there is so pristine and an agricultural economy would bloom there beyond comprehensible measures known to Haitians themselves.

One would not know you were in Haiti once you are there.

It is a whole different atmosphere.

As stated earlier, this area is not yet corrupted to unsanitary filth and lack of infrastructure.

Thus would make any kind of development there far way easier and affordable as well as it would consume way less time it would require to renovate or reconstruct the already damage infrastructure of Port-Au-Prince.

At Etang Saumatre, the flamingos there are beautiful and yes, there are Alligators or Crocodiles there.

The landscape has fully green mountains and valleys and there are very few people living there.

Let it be said again, the area is beautifully unique, enchanting and such a humble place, which continues to capture the imagination of all who set foot there asking themselves if this is even HAITI.

During a trip to Dominican Republic and after much thought and consideration was taken and decided by the group to take a drive across to the other side of the Island of Hispanola into Haiti, it was true having being there was in within itself a splendid experience.

It shows such a contrast of the Haiti you hear about and see everyday in the news. Marvelous in all sense of the word is the only way to describe the place and this area spoke volume in the hearts of the group given the abundant richness and potential having seen there and such landscape continues to echo its natural diversities beyond any known knowledge one may have of Haiti.

However due to lack of progressive thinking on the Haitian Government and its people, this area would only remain a vast wasted land to local "Paisans" not having the means to expand and evolve the area. There are abundant sugar cane plantations there they could benefit from this area. Check out this picture


More Preval Photos - More Haiti Pictures -
Haitian Celebrity Photos The area is not far from the nearby fertile Plaine Du Cul-De-Sac among other lakes like Trou Caïman that is there as well of the nearby neighboring Dominican Republic Lake Enriquillo and which still are proven to be Haiti's most reliable place for agriculture and so forth.

If the Haitian Government were to put their innovation and ingenuity at work, they could come to possibly build a small functioning city there along with roads which would not have been far from the Dominican Republic which would have caused tourism to shift over in the area over time as such city would have gradually built itself up given the Revenue it would quickly generate.

The lake would serve as a great source for water, of course after carefully being filtered given and since it is by far cleanest natural water source I know in Haiti due to the fact that people are kept out of the lake due to their knowledge that Crocodiles swim in the lake.

If only the people and the Government there in Haiti would see the potential that exists there in that region of the Country, that maybe many would be able to put aside their differences and start being pro-active for the progression and evolution of such a Beautiful Country such as Haiti.

Wilgeens Rosenberg, March 25 2008, 11:31 PM

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