LAKE PELIGRE: Revive the HydroElectric Capability.

Wilgeens Rosenberg - March 25 2008, 11:50 PM

Lake Peligre is the second largest lake in Haiti, and is located in the Centre Department.

It was created as a result of the construction of the Peligre Hydroelectric Dam on the Artibonite River in 1956-1957.

Lake Peligre was drained in 1969-70 for the installation of a hydroelectric generator.

It was refilled in 1971-72 and stocked in 1973. So why have they not refill the lake like it was done before the Haitian People should ask?

Well recently, spanning over the last few decades, a rapid rate of silt deposition has occurred in the Peligre Reservoir reducing the energy producing capability of the reservoir.

The sedimentation is in large part due to the deforestation that has been plaguing the country over the years.

It is said that the dam was created as a flood-control and an energy-providing measure in the Artibonite river valley as part of the Artibonite Valley Agricultural Project in the 1930s.

All these work have always been conducted by foreigners and not by Haitians themselves.

Which shows the lack of progressiveness in the Haitian poeple.

Anyhow, the dam was completed in 1956 thus creating Lake Peligre (essentially a large reservoir) in the process.

The Peligre Hydroelectric Plant and its consequent operation was completed in 1971. The plant situated on the dam provides the country with most of its needed electricity power plant.

The power plant, though needed, has fallen into near disrepair.

The EDH (Électricité d'Haïti), Haiti's federal electricity supplier, has done relatively little to restructure the plant however.

As of current, the hydroelectric potential is estimated to be around 173 megawatts.

Electricity production, though lacking in sufficiency in many areas, is increasing in part due to the repairs being made on the dam and the stated establishment of several other electrical plants.

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