Dear "M O R O N", foolish "S O.B" "stu pido", MOTHERless "f...

La Lionne - March 26 2008, 2:24 PM

Dear "M*O*R*O*N", foolish "S O.B" "stu pido", MOTHERless "f. u. ck", fils de "pu t e" "sal aud", "salo-pri"
dog "f a r, t", the only people qui ont des louanges for the "Duca-Ka" Duvaliers are the criminals and their families who benefited from his regime.

That's what they call accessories to crimes and murder in the United States.

Which means those people are just as guilty as the ones who blasted those guns. "BeSe mi Cu lo. La Cho cha de tu madre".

You filthy cochon porc chien.

Cé pas fanmi ou que yo té tuer! Espèce d'idiot You puny worm, "cha-rongne".

I beleive that was enough testing for the new cursing filter Woodring SaintPreux my man. See I can get through.

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It's is about time some other true...


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