ROSENBERG MY MAIN MAN 18 Blog entries on 3/25

La Lionne - March 26 2008, 2:49 PM

Rosenberg I believe 18 blog entries on 3/25/2008 are rather EXCESSIVE!! AND TIRING You have too much time at hand. Have you considered volunteering at a shelter for unfortunate people.

Unless you are quoting from history or referring to history, SLAVERY is a dead issue and I do not enjoy hearing about it. Do not call my Haitian people any type of lazy. You can call yourself Rosenberg all you want and claim that you are Jewish Haitian-Dominican.

But If I hear slavery or any insinuation that my people should be coerced to work as slaves or dictated to do so or that slavery issue, I do not care how interesting your other posts are because If you are who I suspect that you are I am cursing your big black a ss out, Capiche.

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