Summary of Ideas for March 2008

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Haiti must launch a Solar Energy program.

It will be worth its cost in the long run. Haiti needs to develop its poultry industry with an emphasis on exotic birds that could either be consumed locally or exported.

Some of the birds can be used as pets to enhance the beauty of any resorts built on the outer islands.

Build resorts with a Caribbean flair to attract business conventions, luxury and middle class tourists and weddings.

Couples (males and females} vacationing during their honeymoons could be treated to an all inclusive package or an all inclusive resort.

Cultivate a tastier and more superior Basmati rice and charge more money for such Indian aromatic treat.

Eat more corn. Revolutionize the way people cook corn. They can make corn tortillas that can be eaten with meat or fish or beans with an avocado or tomato lime sauce.

They can make corn muffins, corn bread, corn cakes, tortilla chips with blue, yellow, or red corn. Not to forget Haitian CHAKA made with mature corn red beans and pork. Avoid the mistakes of the poultry industry.

Stop animal cruelty in Haiti.

Not to forget aquaculture to produce more fish and special fishing boats purchased by the government to get more fish to the schools and the soup kitchens or cantinas.

See some videos to expand your vision.

Système de Riziculture Intensive (riz biologique sans beaucoup d'eau)

Des questions sur le poisson (l'aquaculture)

Ocean Aquaculture (Puerto Rico)

L'énergie solaire

20% d'énergies renouvelables en 2020


Solar Tower - Opportunity to Reduce Global Warming

Club Med Les Boucaniers (Martinique)(this could have been in Haiti)

Caribbean Bridal Expo 2008 (in Caribbean resorts) YOU ALL GET THE PICTURE RIGHT

La Lionne, March 26 2008, 8:31 PM

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