Peace be upon you. Peace I said.

Juan - December 1 2006, 4:37 AM

Well, let's have some respect for the President.

No matter what happen he deserves respect.

I heard you were saying for killing of some types of haitians.

I'm against the killing.

You said about Guy Philippe and Chamberlain.

Watch out they may two sons of the devil.

They are not haitians, they have been killing too many people.

God will hunt them down. If i live i want to be a like good smaritan not a son of the Devil.

True haitians have love for each other.

True haitians give life to others not death.

I'm not to judge anyone but if those guys are bad. God will judge them. That doesn't mean i want someone to kill them.

No way, i want them to be some kind of change person to realize how wrong they were doing.

Destroying peple and the beauty of haiti.

It is a Sin to show disrespect to an elected Haitian's President.

Rene G Preval Need respect from all haitians.

I'm not going to encourage who so ever to curse him.
Bless Him instead.

I think Haiti Need a very anointed leader who will make a great morning prayer in the radio of the palace and bless the name of God the creator of all. Maybe the devil will flee from Haiti.


Preval it is time to show some style

Je l'ai dit. I said it. Preval is a zombi. Not the 91 Preval. Since Aristide pushed and harassed him in Tabarre, and...

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