wow what a very extreme statement

Juan - December 1 2006, 4:52 AM

Oh Boy, i'm sorry about your statements, but you're wrong.

Who are the americans aren't them who make the guns. Who are the national guards.

They should taking care of their own national affairs.

I know in the dark in haiti they have been killing so many haitians.

Please if you're real haitian.

Never think to bring the Americans in haiti.

You can send them somewhere else. Please not haiti.

It's about time you realized that Americans should be staying home and taking care of their own.

One of these days their dollar won't worth much and their power will be gone.

I want to all haitians to find an haitians solution not a cold blooded killers again in haiti.

If anyone other nation who killed any haitians unjustly.

A curse will fall upon them.

I'm a great moderate from Jacmel area. Culture is not big cars big this and that is to know your history.


how can you say that you like preval

lets be real with it haiti will never be preval is not a good leader for a guy that been and the usa he does nothing...

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