using well known haitian writer names

Maximus - April 7 2008, 11:51 AM


Whoever is using a known Haitian writer name is committing a fraud and doing that person a disservice.

This has happened before on this blog, It's probably coming from the same sick individual.

Remember Camille Lofty Malbranche?

If you say something contrary that rubs some people in the government of Haiti the wrong way, you may be placing that person's very life in danger.

I guess you do not care. I do not think Louinel Jean is posting on this blog, just like Camille Malbranche never did. If you do not have the guts or the balls to use your own name then use a FICTITIOUS NAME. Or did you run out of names to use?

The time frame and the amount of postings indicate that its coming from the same individual.

Some low class individual, an upstart, who got himself an education, and who seem to have ii in for the successful Haitian bourgeois, I gather since he seems to have that 'mendiant' personality.

Get off our legs, and do for yourself.

Those who cannot survive on their own, will seek help from their family.

If the family cannot survive then they have failed as humans and deserve to perish.

The earth is overcrowded.

Those who are fit to live will survive and those who are weak, diseased, ignorant, backward will die off period.

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Claudy says...

I agree with what you stated in your post Dud. Someone is fraudulently using other Haitian writers names to make their... more »