I agree with what you stated in your post Dud. Someone is...

Claudy - April 7 2008, 5:31 PM

I agree with what you stated in your post Dud. Someone is fraudulently using other Haitian writers names to make their points.

Those people can get hurt. They used Malbranche's name in January 2008. The fraud may run even deeper.

It could be someone or some people who work for the Haitian internet itself.

They are posting under several names, yet the rhetorics are the same. For example this Greg Peters, Willgeen Rosenberg and Hispanioyosoy seem are the same person.

I do not believe that Robert P. Toussaint is genuine either.

Each one of those characters serve their purpose.

One is about religion vs voudou, even the Mardochard dud seem to have been perpetrated by the same person.

The others are about investments of the islands of Haiti and Dominican and Haitian history with a dash of the extravagant or stupidity here and there, and loads of old news, dating back during Aristide's time or old Chavez visit in 2007 claimed to be visiting in 2008 etc. 70% garbage.

It looks like this person was more interested in filling up the space.

That's what led me to believe that it may be someone who works for the Haitian network.

There is no Linda or Louinel Jean I believe either.

It's a fraud perpetrated by the same individual.

Take everything they say with a grain of salt.



FRAUDULENT USE OF OTHER PEOPLE'S NAMES.Whoever is using a known Haitian writer name is committing a fraud and doing...

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