Great stuff my man and I say this with all honesty and...

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Great stuff my man and I say this with all honesty and sincerity!!!

However you have not fully disagreed with me on everything I have said which is good thing that goes out to show where I am right; and never do I want to claim that my analysis and assessment is totally righteously right without any possible opposition.

Nevertheless, how many other Haitians that for generations ago have come to the US and much other countries around the world earning masters, degrees and certificates in all aspects of field or domains yet have never set foot back into Haiti and put their expertise at work for Haiti like perhaps you have?

However tell me the truth, how many Haitian infrastructural developments has taken place or have been undertaking by Haitians since the Spaniard, France and the American Occupation left Haiti?

Most of Haiti's infrastructures have been the old infrastructure of colonial Spain, France and to add the major constructional work of the American Occupation which have built roads and established CAMEP, the Hydro-Electrical Dam of Peligre, TELECO and even ELECTRICITE D'HAITI.

Furthermore, the creation of HASCO, MINOTRY AND CEMENT D'HAITI, AKRA AND MEUSE FACTORY, they are all have been the work and institutions of either foreigners such as the Syrians, Germans, Dominicans and yes like my father's family the Jews who later-became Haitian citizens for the sake of their businesses.

Like I said, even though I stressed the lack of progression on Haitians' part, I know there many Haitians living large in foreign countries and have forgotten to even be Haitians as long as they know where their next piece of bread and chicken is coming from...

Haiti's problems are the least of their concerns and they hide behind the excuses of lack of security in Haiti to not want to go back and help out. As Haitian we are cowards in so many ways. Notice how I say "we"?

My dear friend, we do not have to get at each other's throat and I like the fact that you are being civil about voicing out your opinion which is how and what we need to do more as Haitians.

Did you red what I wrote in response to your post last night or early this morning?

This article I wrote earlier, if it is even considered an article, was not to so much insult Haitians; but rather to psychologically and reversely motivate Haitians to dig deep and realize their flaws.

Or should I say, our flaws.

Yes I am Dominican-Haitian-Jewish but the reason why I try to write objectively in third person is so when someone is reading it that they are not going to automatically jump to conclusion with subjective emotions.

Hispanolanoyosoy, April 11 2008, 2:15 PM

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