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It is time that a major broadcasted Communique is send out by the Haitian Government to all of Haiti's citizens living abroad.

It might have to take for Haiti to demand the UN to give the Haitian President one day on the UN floor to make this public address.

This communique is to mentions all those issues such as:

1. The Dominican and Haitian Republic improvement on relation issues as well as the re-inclusion of Haiti as one of the Latin-American Country that it is so that there is not to be a Latin-American Presidential summit without the presence of Haiti ever again and to respect Haitians as the AFRO-LATINOS that they are. Venezuela, Columbia and Ecuador and most of the rest of the Latin-Americas still owes Haiti for having helped them become free and independent.

2. A recall of all certified Haitian Bachelor degrees, Masters, PHD's and Certificates Degree holders to go back to Haiti and contribute to Haiti's Advancement, especially if those Haitians have not yet or fully denounced their Haitian Citizenship, this communique would be directly directed to them as they have an obligation to Haiti.

3. Haiti and its government are to make it clear in and to the UN and the world that if any countries which have promised aides and assistance to Haiti do not hold their end of their bargains and come through for Haiti in its moment of need that they will have two months to vacate the island and that Haiti is, due to its independent sovereignty rights, to seek help from any other countries of its choosing around the world willing to help Haiti regardless of those countries bad relations with the US. (Haiti can not be self-sufficient if it still has to ask the US for permission to manage its own politics and government).

* Remember, even the Unites States relies on certain countries for trade, and economical growth and prosperity.

Haiti need to be pro-active at engaging talks with those other countries.

4. This communique is to specify to the entire world that Haiti will welcome any investors, capitalist or not, to come and invest into Haiti for Haiti holds a fresh and virgin profitable market en route to success and prosperity.

5. Haiti needs to start demanding of the UN and US to rather of sending troops into Haiti that they must instead and need to contribute to the re-instatement of the Haitian Army much like it is being done in Iraq, Iran and Africa.

The Training of the Haitian new Army is much needed so that those NATO UN Troops can start their withdrawals already.

A country is no country without its own firm line of defense no matter what or how poor such a country might be.

PS: Haiti's new Army will be used for many development and construction projects as well as they can be deployed during or for disaster relief and also can be served as guard at the border of Haiti and Dominican Republic so that it is being monitored by both countries Soldiers to prevent the Dominican injustice being committed to Haitians and the illegal cross over of Haitians migrants into the Dominican Republic.

All those Haitians that are crossing over into the Dominican Republic are going there to do the very same thing that they are not willing to do in Haiti on their own soil of Haiti which is to go work the land over there for little money and they are willing to face discrimination, humiliation and mistreatment from the Dominicans than they would from Haitians like themselves.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wr9ycyTnmD0 The Dominicans relies on Haitians for their Sugar cane plantation and cultivation and the cutting of it. As well as the very housing masonry and construction labor.

If those Haitians are willing to cross over to go work the lands of the Dominican Republic and be part of the hard labor workforce over there, they surely can do it in Haiti as well.

Hispanolanoyosoy, April 11 2008, 3:15 PM

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