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His name was Claude Preval.

Although he was exiled in the early days of Francois Duvalier and served as a minister under Paul E. Magloire government, he went back to Haiti, and had lived there and died not too long ago.
He later befriended many Duvalierists and Benettists.

The rumor has it that when Ernest Bennett was arrested by Aristide's forces, Rene Preval despite a direct request from his father Claude could not intercede even though there were merely flimsy charges against Mr. Ernest Bennett.

That indignation, and many other factors, mainly heath contributed to his departure from this Earth.

I invite you to listen to commentaries made by Jean E. Dominique ( a former student )and most respected former journalist of Haiti, about the deceased Claude Preval Of Universite de Damien.

This and other facts will perhaps gives the lector and perhaps others a glimpse of the current president's background.

He is the one " Mr. Clean & Simple ".

Just what Haiti needs currently.

However he needs some "Firm Pants & More Financial Assistance to start tackling the Current problems of Insecurity, Joblessness, etc...

Jdaniel, December 5 2006, 5:05 AM

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His name was Claude Preval. Although he was exiled in the early days of Francois Duvalier and served as a minister... read more >
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Thierry, 21-Mar-07 2:53 am
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