haitians must pay taxes regardless of income

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All Haitians should pay taxes regardless of their income level.

80% of the population cannot continue to get a free ride.

If they are street vendors of any kind, the government needs to levy a monthly tax, or a yearly tax from them.

They have to have a business license to be allowed to sell any type of items in the streets, even fruits or vegetables.

The tax should be small enough like 2$per month for them to pay it without hardship.

The business license should not be more than 5$ as was previously suggested by another post.

A total of 24$ in taxes plus a 5$ business license will amount to $29 dollars per year per person.

It may not be much, but when one multiply $29 dollars by 3million people that's a grand total of $87,000,000 million dollars extra that the government of Haiti could collect.

That money could be used for trash collection, and to clean up the market areas, and to pay inspectors to check of the level of hygiene of the food being sold to citizens.


The majority of self employed Haitians (street vendors) cannot get away FROM PAYING THEIR SHARE OF TAXES, for many generations as was suggested by a previous post.

The middle class cannot shoulder the tax burden of 80% of the Haitian population who are not PAYING ANY TAXES AT ALL. It's a civic duty for every Haitians to pay their share of taxes regardless of their income level.

If they have a place to live and can eat and send their children to school or own an animal they have a meanof support a way to survive.

The government should also TAX every one 5$ on each money transfer they receive in Haiti.

That way everybody have to pay taxes from 21 years of age to 65 years of age.

Lalionne, April 14 2008, 2:58 PM

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