For a more perfect Haiti

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I think it is time to look at the reality and do something for Haiti.

We are the poorest country in the hemisphere.

We've got to do something about it before it is too late. I think the fear of urgency is now as Barack said.

Mr. President Preval, you should choose your prime minister now to put an end this crisis in Haiti.

I know it is not easy, yet we have to resolve it. You should choose a prime minister with judgement, vision, intellect, and patriotism to help you move with this country to avoid a chao. I know you love your country Mr. President that's the reason why I still believe in you.

We want someone to help us restore our image.

We want someone to help us stop the imperialits use Haiti for their political gains.

We want someone who can say, not this time. This time we have to focus on issues nudged our country for decades.

We have to say not this time. This time it is a time to find better solution for Haiti.

not this time.

It is a time to create infractures, better school, hospital, energy in our country.

It is not a time for this distraction.

It is a time to love our hometown.

Not this time.

It is a time to bring law and order, to bring peace of mind where every hatian can go to school to a better youth so Haiti can return the pearl of antilles.

not this time.

Floppely, April 17 2008, 10:00 AM

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