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We have people in parliement in Haiti who so currupt they cannot even realise that there are investigation on the way to expose their wickedness.

Right now there are so many people working in parliement, It can be extremely hard to know what exactly their jobs are. Why?

Each depute and senator believe they must have every single member in their family working in parliement so they did it. Right now there is a possibility that most of those people will lose their job, but they will want to get pay. But the question is, what were they doing?

what was their responsibility and what is the necessecity for such post?

These are questions among many others that people should answere before tyhe government pay those people.

We cannot have so many thiefs in parliement, it is unacceptable.

How could could have people in parliement who keep taking money from government for special mission and just keep the money.

They take money to work in their constituancy and do nothing.

If we don't pay attention to those practices, haiti will always be in the condition it is now. Haiti will continue to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

It is a shame, we must raise a voice against such a practice.

We must stand against the culture of mud and dust and push to build the skyscrapers of a Haiti peaceful and prosperous.

The government including, parliement, is responsible for the conditions that prevail in the country.

If curruption is the best policy then Haiti is doom. We must become sick and tired of curruption and get rid of it.

The Haitian media is a failure, there is such a lack of scholarship in the work they do you asking were did they get their training.They don't understand that investigation is part of journalism.

So they keep the same dbdb journalism that has no mass none.

The ONGs thief, they do nothing with the money they recieve for Haiti.They do nothing because they have come to understand that the culture of government in Haiti is a culture of curruption so they comply with the culture.

They incarnate the Haitian world of curruption, the poor masses remain poor, so that they may always have a job thus sharpening the misery of the people.

If I am wrong please help me to find my way.

Louinel Jean, April 21 2008, 12:01 AM

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