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you are saying nothing, no body has said some thing about the problem where it is. The Haitian political problem is in the Haitian law" the constitution".

The Haitian constitution is almost like the french one, of cours, The Haitians leaders can not think in the future, They don't understand they are french and consequense the Haitian law can be exactly the same.the social level is not the same, I don't care, I'm not Haitian, but it's too bad to see people suffering so much, The political Haitian leaders and the majority of the Haitian people are very ignorant, Hier the violent demonstration for Hunger has been made in Haiti, but no body say that Haiti was not the unic country in the world where people have beeb in street for hight price of food, ok ! may be the prime Minister has a part of the responsibility in.

he and his team should foorsee that some thing like could happen, but you know Haitian is Haitian, we are Affrican: we have have to food and drink for today, it's good, we don't care for tomorow, we're quickly satisfied, mediocracy is our way of living, but, let's wonder: is it the reason to fire the prime minister up?

How the exterior has seen that?

I can say:in the foreign niews we talk about crisis in Haiti: a lot of destruction fo business, house, cars, the prime minister is down. The consequense of that: minimum 2 years of development forward lost, the exterior, the investors will need minimum 2 years to absorb the niews of turmoil and conflict in the the country an forget the period in question, demonstratio in street for hight frice of food in Haiti shoul not be the reason to fire the prime minister up due the haitian actual political context.The Haitian poeple and leaders must now that clearly:trouble in a country means:investors ! stay away of, if the haitian leaders and their poeple are ignorant, it is not so for foreign investors, even for the Haitians investors them selves, no body in the world is ready to throw his mony out, invest his money in a country where for any single thing, he can see his business and his money invested disapeared in cople days of....The haitian law is risponsible of this eternal unstability in the country, why?

so long the deputes and the senators have right possibility to to fire the prime minister up, so simply, so stupid, so foolish, Haiti will never and never stable.

ça veut dire quoi?

les Haitiens doivent bourger leur fesse.

vous comprenez le français?

arretez de faire la singerie?

le monde est fatigué avec vous. espece de est temps de vous changer le visage, je m'enfous, j'ai 40 ans, je verrai pas Haiti comme je je voudrai le voir de toute façon, je peux dire ce que je pense.

La preuve qu'ont des cretin: on pense qu'en 2 ans Preval et son gouvernement devait déjà capable de changer Haiti après 200 ans de dictature et d'arnachie

Jojo, April 21 2008, 3:03 PM

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