I did not bother to reply to this post because it was too...

Lalionne - April 23 2008, 4:45 PM

I did not bother to reply to this post because it was too preposterous.

I thought that either the current Preval administration wanted to hear people's opinions on that subject or someone from the Haitian Internet who seem to be "many people" if you get my meaning, wanted to discuss this insulting idea. It better be a joke, the Haitian people will not go for such nonsense unless Preval wants to have his DNA wiped out from the face of this earth.

They would be hunted down for total extermination if he sold us out to a RACIST country.

The USA would rape our natural resources, enjoy our weather and beaches.

Then they would start taking our land one bite size at the time. They would build directly on the beach all those high sky scrapers thus messing-up our eco-system and pollute our sea. Some of the very poor would get a minimal amount of help, but most will remain poor just like in Guadeloupe and Martinique.

The USA would enjoy billions of dollars from our petroleum and gold and ocean and other natural resources and would give back only a couple of millions.

Plus our blacks would be discriminated against in favor of their white citizens who would certainly start moving into our territory like they did in St. john, St. Croix, St. Thomas and Puerto Rico to name a few. If becoming a US territory was such a good idea all those people who are living on the virgin islands would be well off. There are poor people there also. I visited 7 islands with a boat cruise.

That type of post insult people's intelligence.

Well Said Max.

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