Ah! for the first time haitians have the same suf.

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Linda, our country is a mess; merchants invade the city.

No way to walk around without stepping on a pile of trash.

The entrances of the Hospitals, Banks, Businesses, Schools and private homes are invaded with all types of merchants.

They become hostile and ready to fight with anyone.

Haiti stays a little piece of land, an island smaller than Republican Republic; any real Leader would make a simple plan to rebuild it and make it as beautiful as Bahamas.

We're surrounded with water, mountains, all types of stones and possibilities.

The hardest step is to make a plan and follow it to the end. Most of our Presidents come on power with no plan and leave the country empty.


A SUPER DEVELOPED COUNTRY, BUT CONTRRLY AT HAITI, YOU FEEL LIKE LIVING, THE PEOPLE WANT TO GO FARTHER, BON NEG SE NEG, SA PA GEN KE. I think Mr Henry becker must be the next president of Haiti, He's white, if it's not a question of cursing, he will perhaps be able to do some thing.

Jojo, April 26 2008, 10:23 AM

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Hi Jojo; I know the problems that Haiti faces. I also know that there was a time, less than 30 years ago, that Haiti... read more >
Linda, 26-Apr-08 2:10 pm


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