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By Wilgeens Rosenberg

Washington, thus the United States, deserves a great share of the blame for Haiti's political crisis.

Here is why and how, and it starts with a very basic simple notion.

When building a Country's Fundamental, foundations must be first established.

Some foundation fundamental processes are visible and some clearly are not. Nevertheless and as expected, the deeper the wounds of a unstable Country the more complex the feasible solution may be and the longer it may require to achieve a respectable level of political integrity in such Country thus in this case Haiti which has not been a Democratically oriented system in decades and perhaps never was.

The U.S in their promotion campaign around the world have always had an hypocritical twist as to where they focus their determination for such Democracy to succeed and most importantly it is rather about who can afford it since to the Unites States it has always been an investment matter than it ever has been a moral one period.

Their level of obligations to see democracy succeed anywhere they have intervene exist only when and where there is profitable interests to gain. Once again, in Haiti's case natural resources such as oil, much of gold among other resources is greatly lacking, thus Haiti's dependency on the United states to successfully become democratically prosperous is bound to no eventuality prospects to ever really happen in Haiti especially given Haiti is a black Country which most of the other European descendent Countries hold great resentments toward such a Nations such as Haiti which goes back from their not recognizing Haiti to intentional pledged vows to make sure a black independent black republic such as Haiti sees its demise that it is facing today.

The International bodies undeniably have always been contributing to Haiti's plight for centuries and decades and now more so than ever having always been the imposing divisive and quite influential corruptive particles of Haiti's political management and yes the dignity and integrity of the Haitian politicians are always in question given they have always allowed the manipulation of the of Foreign particles to lure them astray which seems to always geared toward taking Haiti away from its path to ever become a self-sufficient nation.

Providing much of all evidence within the Haitian political arena, there have been compelling proof of the U.S involvements at the highest level of the US Government in inciting instability in Haiti from funding, providing and supporting criminal gangs, corrupted police members and rebel groups to uprise against Haitian Governments as well as having done before of always putting many Haitian Governments under many political pressure to make certain decision which never benefit Haiti and its people thus always feeding the International Committee purpose at keeping the Nation of Haiti at a destabilizing status and State.

For a prime example, the US-created and supported political opposition called the Democratic Convergence.

When the Convergence formed its own parallel government, Washington rewarded that coalition by treating those law breakers as equal to the Haiti's president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

While many Haitians may not favor Aristide but Governmental fundamental Foundations could have started with him and believe and accept it or not, he was succeeding at least ideologically and systematically instilling such a prospect, but it was not visible to eyes of many given the level of impatience of the Haitian people, the lack of participation of the Haitian elite and private sectors as well as Haiti's already deteriorating State of corruptive and foreign manipulative based Governance.

Can the United States imagine Al Gore forming his own government because he did not like the result of the 2000 presidential election?

Take a look at Mc Cain's hypocritical flip flopping stances on these videos with poor Countries and oil having Countries:

Especially the Bush administration's policy on and toward Haiti have surely led Haiti toward this level of Political jeopardy that it is at now and facing today which has been miserably a US failure of Democracy in Haiti because it is based on a fundamental dislike of Mr. Aristide rather than on the interest of stability in the region itself like the US is adamant at seeing a success for in Iraq.


Thus I have left with you all with these clips of videos above to see for yourself the hypocrisy that exist in the plights Haiti is facing today and where much of the blames lie. If the clips are no playing, click on the links themselves.

Wilgeens Hispanolanoyosoy Rosenberg, April 27 2008, 9:40 PM

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