The Tales Of The One And Only Compassionate S1ut

Wilgeens Hispanolanoyosoy Rosenberg - April 28 2008, 5:41 PM

What Says Of Our Conscience, Much More Our Obligations?

By Wilgeens Rosenberg

The desire to always want to leave a picture and motion to tell a story has always been a dream to many. Yet, greater is known the pain given one's anticipation and urges to talk faster than the brain.

Many have ceased to let the brain do most of their talking, in fact, societies are grown conditioned to believe that words have more effect than our thoughts; when the ability to move jaws itself still comes from the brain.

It requires more strength and a lot more use of one's muscle to talk than to think.

Yet, it is also known that very less is accomplished with words alone that are thoughtless thus much of what certain societies do. What has ever heard of "The Tales Of The One And Only Compassionate S1ut"?

There within, exist a level of premeditation in one's part though ignored, not yet aware or even denied.

Inarguably, much can be said about wary and frail still beautiful Haiti today.

Never has existed a "s1ut" with such a compassion and heart being the indication of the word pertains to a "whom, which or what." Oh Haiti that sees humanity is the birth of inspiration when time has not yet believed potentials exist or it was lost.

Haiti, when inhumanity was at a peak to prevail, has given to many instead a reach to phenomenon that instill in Nations that freedom itself has the price and circumstances that many may not be willing to face long after the sacrifice or the anticipated unthinkable that her children will soon set sails and to never bid of their returns.

She sees it before they thought it thus she knew the voices of their cowardice promises were never true and would not hold. Even then, she worked the nights and pack their bags for them with unconsolable tears that she dries up at their presence to not let them know her hurt and how much her precious children will be missed no matter how hard it was for her own children to bare the thought before their acts should the image of them leaving never actually strike any nerves...

ask again what says of the conscience of her children, much less this turn and time, their obligation to know Haiti Cherie has always needed them home.

The greater her hurt each summers they were not there for her to feed them the tales of the salty or sweet sun baked "KASSAVA" they never even helped cultivate themselves.

So she lets the thoughtful images, though depressing, tell her story of the sacrificing nurture she once was and given to them that they have now forgotten and ceased to keep working for which was much of what made this "KASSAVA" that lives and gives the strength of her in her children that is seeing all over the world today.

As her children lived on with her love, she would then be proud to know that her children have not abandon her, much worse lost respect for her, her trust in them is to be earned once more when they come home back to simplicity of her given tradition that had fed them well...

PS: I asked a question earlier above where and when I asked who has heard of "The Tales Of The One And Only Compassionate S1ut." no one should have actually said yes since I invented the question to show strike curiosity in most of you to read in between the lines that to know the analogy of the word "s1ut" is not the negative thought you have presumed it to be which I am sure you all have discovered if you have fully read and watch the story within the story of the words and video of this so assumed article of mine.

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