there needs to be some changes

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You know sometimes i wish that i didn't care about Haiti and its People after all I haven't lived there for 12 now. But that little torn up country is my home I can never love another country as much as love haiti and its people, my people.

Preval was president before, he didn't get much done. But being so uneducated Haitians don't know that when you elected someone in office they need to have a plan for the country and actually get things done. WHEN WILL THEY LEARN TO BE IMPARTIAL, IF EVERY PRESIDENT GETS NOTHING DONE LIKE PREVAL WHERE WILL HAITI BE 50 YEARS FROM. Like it or not he is the elected president for the five years.

The prime minister was not elected.

And because the Prime minister doesn't have a plan for the insecurity or maybe he just doesn't care about people being kidnapped and killed everyday.

As president Preval needs to replace him with someone who is qualified for the post, someone with a plan to deal with the criminals not negotiate.

Now if preval is not willing to fire Mr. Alexis than the HAITIAN PARLIAMENT SHOULD FORCE ALEXIS TO RESIGN.

We can't afford to wait and watch school children get kidnapp and killed like dogs.

Mark, December 14 2006, 4:49 PM

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