A country with a Countryside farming look does not mean...

Will Rosenberg - May 12 2008, 6:40 PM

A country with a Countryside farming look does not mean poverty, A country that does not have Skyscrapers does not mean it is not advanced.

A country that does not have the same physical Infrastructure as most other major Developed Giant Imperialist Countries does not there is prosperity.

Cleaning up Haiti, fixing and improve her infrastructure is one thing but to lose our cultural appearances simply to satisfy the demand and desire to be like polluted big Developed Countries is another.

All you and I need to help Haiti get is peace and stability both politically and economically then improvement of the damaged infrastructures and social issues; but to get there me and you need to support Haiti's Agricultural farmers and beloved peasants so that we rid ourselves of importation dependencies to give us an economy that will allow us to engage in building better trade relations such as tourism.

Although poor and suffering you and me can start beautify Haiti and keep it clean so that it looks more inviting so that we can start going back to vacationed and spend money there and tourist will fallow through and investors will come in and all other neighboring Countries which once exclude us.

They will want to be partners and gain confidence to set aside differences and we will be bigger and stronger than them to not allow past resentments of how they have shaun, eluded and evaded from us by doing like then of not accepting their invitations of new forming improved relations they will then want to have with us.

Un jour pour chasseur, et l'un pour jibier.

Un dia para los cazadores, y uno para el jibier.

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j'ai lu le video, oh quel misere! quel vie! la tierra...


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Anyways, in spite of the false criticisms and absurd accusations those ignorant imbecile Haitians who are playing...

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