Shame on you Titus. About berating Claude over that elite...

La Lionne - May 14 2008, 9:16 PM

Shame on you Titus.

About berating Claude over that elite stuff that is. Claude was talking about the bourgeois not the Haitian elite that are comprised of old money and....

no money these days. HA HA HA ha ha! Anyway Claude is gone. As in not working in the library anymore.

As in getting ready for graduation.

There is a distinction in Haiti's circle between the working middle class called bourgeois, as in the small business owners and the elites like the old money, shipping magnate, big money businesses owners, as in coffee exporters to Italy with their own boats.

Although their houses were located in the same neighborhoods, Bourdon up to Petionville in those days,(they retreated higher and higher on the mountains it seems furcy kenscoff laboule even in the provinces where they used to have their vacation country retreat homes) they had more land, they belonged to Private clubs.

Their children spent summer vacations in Europe or the USA. We may have gone to the same schools at the beginning but they went to Union School eventually which was way more expensive.

I used to get an invitation here and there.

Bale de Camaraderie children's club, Rotary club party, but I was not a club member neither my parents.

I did enjoy all that free ice cream though.

Try to post something for Haitian flag day next week. I will not be around.Ps: there is no political elites, they were called (gros zagos) in the bourgeois, and elites circles: meaning uneducated peasants with political power, with very little education but became rich by stealing their way to the top. A little secret: They had such atrocious table manners and their French were so bad that they were made fun of after they left the parties.

Response to:

Claude, you were doing ok until you started talking...



Most of Haiti's social problems I believe derived from their upbringing. Their blind obedience to authority figures...

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