Shame on haiti with your Aristide, Arisde was priester, he was...

El Caribeno - May 17 2008, 4:08 PM

shame on haiti with your Aristide, Arisde was priester, he was a good speaker sending people to sleep by telling lie, he knew very well what he wanted to do, he thought he was smart beacause he could speak well, the same mistake that the majority of the haitian political leaders make, he was a stupid like the others, no leader kan bring change with words specially with the words of Aristide, Aristide was foolish about wisdom, diplomatie, he was not serious and honnest, he was ready and trying to set up again a dictatorship in the country, He got bad relationship, specially with drug traficant, he wanted and tryed to divide the nation more than orthers, he could not make a difference between politic and beeing preister, he had any ability to put togeter the whole nation, he just wanted to arrive, his way of doing thing became a nightmare for Haitian people.

beacause of Aristide, Haiti has steped back for 10 years, of course, there is the problem of rich people, the haitian mulatoes, but he could have a policy to push Haiti a litle forward.

Aristide, beacause he is from the 21th century, he kan be considered as worst, most stupid, foolish haitian president.

Because of Aristide, once aigain the white people in their majority, think the blacks are good for nothing, he had the opportunity to do good things, I mean Preval has not a such opportunity, Aristide had the whole people with him, he took no advantage to do some thing for the poeple, he did'nt know how to manage until the poeple turn aigainst him.


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