Our Society's Apparent Disappearance

Yvin E. Fanfan - March 30 2006, 9:28 AM

Our Society's Apparent Disappearance

Some Haitian politicians took a jab at Juan G. Valdez, the UN envoy, when he, two years ago, declared that the Haitian Nation was about to be extinct.

It was no secret that those political leaders who rebuked the Chilean plenipotentiary for his statement, were all hoping to be 'presidents'.

Nonetheless, their presidency hope ended as of last month's elections.

Those of us who are familiar with Haitian politics know the context within which our Republic came into being.

Bravery fought might just like David Vs Goliath.

Trough brilliant victories over the French, Spanish, and British colonialists, we all learned it the hard way. However, Europeans, along with the North and South Americans condemned our achievement throughout most of the nineteenth-century.

Their blockade of our commerce and refusal to recognize us as a nation slowed considerably the new state viability.

But, because we were very well aware of their cynicism, and all threats to our security, we did what we could to maintain the integrity of our people.

Later, unfortunately, our destiny came under the control of the more powerful that we pertained to weaken our institutions.

Cultivating our venerable father Dessalines, Justin Lherisson in our anthem provides an insight of our enemies.

Part of his reference is the common knowledge by both our ancestors and all children of the land: they do not like us; keep them at bay. This noble concept is virtually the due reality that led to the survival of our nation.

Our fight for a buoyant civilization is as noble as the natural selection.

Slave masters used to think that we were physically and spiritually subhuman and devoid of souls.

Therefore, they condemned our race to perpetual servitude.

Could not we give an alternative to their racism?

Clearly so, we proved they were wrong.

Why did the United States find itself in direct confrontation with Haiti over both Santo Domingo and the adjacent island of Navassa in 1849?

It was an attempt to question our status as a state.

Therefore, we proved that their aspiration to gain control over Hispaniola would never remain a dead issue for us since our freedom was a continual fight that bred and fed hatred against slavery.

At that point, with our military might, we intervened in Santo Domingo to insure that we remained the dominium of Hispaniola and that slave masters never again border our society.

After their annexation of half of the territory of the Federal Republic of Mexico in 1847 and earlier the kingdom of Hawaii, the Americans believed that they could travel via seas to impose their political hegemony.

Because of the Hispaniola's instability, they threatened to annex our country via Santo Domingo and Navassa.

President James K. Polke took his expansionist initiative vis-à-vis the Empire of Haiti at the time. We denied to them the dictum, letting know we were not ready at all to bypass our hegemony over La Perle des Antilles.

In fact, they were able to see that our prestige for freedom was irreversible.

Today's Haitians do not recognize that we have more enemies than before.

The so-called UN mission forces largely made up of copper skinned, is an insult to our sovereignty.

Yet, politicians, patricians, students and the weak do not seem to view adversaries that foment the extinction of our existence.

They are no different colonialists.

They are well ordained referees that contrast our aspiration.

They are there to stay if we allow it. They aim at supporting their standard-bearer and all successive client governments that preach the destruction of our founders, the army and our souls as freedom fighters.

Many natives, undoubtedly, in support of the externalism, stay behind demagogic leaders instead of following the path of our ancestors to regain control of our destiny.

The disband of our military units has devastated our people since it leaves us defenseless.

Our air space, ports and valleys, are guarantees for future outside military insults, especially with these weak leaders in Port-au-Prince.

When president-elect Rene Preval, in Brazil, declared the nonexistence of the troops, many applauded the call, notwithstanding that a well-armed and disciplinary army will be the only option to the status quo. They are blind to observe that anarchist Preval/Aristide never wished to rely on national institutions to govern an acceptable state.

These 'twins' boys, as we know it, nevertheless, because of their disrespect and non acceptance of our constitutional establishments, and their undemocratic style to rule, rely on their own creation of local forces to execute their own rule. However, the current constitution provides two existing armed forces: the army and the police.

Realistically, with drugs and arms traffic that currently infiltrates our space, some Haitians appear to be even sleeping in door-opened houses seemingly under the watch of 'good' neighbor soldiers with elapsed security.

If all of these trends continue to persist, we will lose not only our children but also all of our rights and land to the new masters.

During my lifetime, I had displeasure listening to some guys who encouraged our people to fight dictators for democracy attainment.

At the same time, an argument that nations on earth never disappear persist as if we were the most resilient nation to survive the current chaos that causes so much bloodshed and broken nerves.

But, they forgot that many nations who forged today's civilizations like the Romans, Phoenicians, Venetian..., no longer exist because of past persistence of internal instability, were consequently swallowed by other rising and more disciplined nations.

Haiti, again, is being discussed in many nation capitals for possible protectorate of the United Nations.

Preval, Aristide et al can clearly be governors of such initiative as they always seek outside powers for the maintenance of their own leadership.

They use state funds to pay foreign lobbyists to win cases against their abuse of power and human rights damage.

We, Haitians, in fact, need to stand up to any elected anarchist, to rebuild effective establishments to insure that Haiti will not be swallowed, should we decide to survive the challenge of the twenty-first century as a nation.

Contrary to the belief that our Armed Forces, the FADH was a repressive force, we need to reiterate that members played only the role of police battalions during and following the American occupation of 1915. However, well before the seamen set foot on our soil, the indigenous were a decentralized force of about 10 division generals that separately controlled each geographical department, aided by more than eight brigadier-generals, along with Commandants de La place.

Since those military leaders were all well aware of foreign racism toward the First Black Republic, they were obliged to secure the regions under their control against outside forces in spite of usual infighting.

The northern regions, with more army personnel, often assembled enough soldiers in their barracks, rose against the republican government in Port-au-Prince and seized power.

The Americans, however, bloodlessly defeated the indigenous and created a gendarmerie barracked in Port-au-Prince aiming at being loyal to presidents.

Renamed Haitian Armed Forces, or "L'Armee d'Haiti" in 1949, it was informally an institutionalized police force with no means to go to war, or to retaliate for our victims in neighboring Dominican Republic.

It was at no time reformed as an army. However, they maintained order, discipline and security, which allowed us to remain a republic with backward presidents.

Our main point for the reinstatement of our armed forces and our souls is to help you understand that we can never rely on neighbors for security without the lost of dignity.

To acquire strong leadership is to assemble in the first place a building block capable of sustaining future constructions and challenges.

Since the path frayed by our ancestors is still valid, it is important that we reunite our people into one nation.

How long will it take to create a mainstream society?

To provide an answer to this question, it is advisable to be resolute and act just like owners.

We all own Haiti; and our souls are inspirational, especially to redefine our society members as doers, rather than consumers.

First, we should review our antiquated educational system to insure that every child attends schools and remain in schools free and that they acquire daily needs.

Expand university and technical studies in all our departmental regions.

Introduce adult education in our schools system to entice social achievements.

Industrialize our agriculture.

Please do not forget the cult of our ancestors, a reliable force capable of founding strong common bonds and needs to promote love and patriotism.

Know that internal disparities are as dangerous as external forces are. Small unlawful divisions will oust constitutional presidents in time of social and political crisis.

Are these an impeccable virtue?

The answer is no. Therefore, with a growing population of 8.000.000 humans, we need to rebuild a strong parliament through effective elections, an establishment for a strong judicial system, and an army of 40.000 personnel, as well as a police force comprising of 25.000 members to watch our territory.

We also need to realize today we face more danger than ever before: because of the poverty caused by the failure of the state, the people constitute a real destabilized element not only on the other side of the aisle but almost all-Caribbean -mini-city-states.

(They will send them back and attack us whenever they wish).

The Dominican Republic almost daily embarks them by the thousands.

They will someday get even madder.

And we need also to be ready to respond to the agents of family's destruction: drugs and armed groups, which can never be defeated by occupied forces but only by future trained men and women military personnel.

Let us be serious guys! Do not laugh.

Do not too befriend to these leaders.

They are as bad as psychotics are. Since they never dreamed of becoming real leaders, they are all ill prepared, as our institutions for failure never really teach our natives for our government.

Therefore, these rodents see our palaces, ministries and all other government branches, as their legitimate parental inheritance.

They will govern our country as in the past with imbeciles, the wicked, cretinists, and evil spirits.

None of them will be judged because of our weakness.

For the immense lapse in equilibrium and their satisfaction with our current system, they now decide to have a more visibility of a multinational force as powerbrokers that are leading to the fatal extinction of our country.

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