Like I previously stated in this blog, the only people who...

La Lionne - June 7 2008, 9:25 PM

Like I previously stated in this blog, the only people who have des louanges for Francois Duvalier are the very people whose families benefited from his regime and criminal exploits.

It says a lot about someones character when they post that Duvalier was the best president of Haiti when all the books that have been written about him depict him as a cold blooded criminel.

The last book I hear of was written by Jean Florival, " Duvalier.

La face cachée de Papa Doc ".

It a shame that a black man along with other black men can resort to such sadism for Power.

I do not see much improvement for the black masses in general.

All those people stole without impunity from mother Haiti.

All that money is lost forever because none of it is being spent nor invested in Haiti.

Someone should give the Duvaliers just what they deserve.

I don't think that those without pity for others deserve any pity from the rest of us. Like they say he who laugh last laugh best. All those people that were ran off by Duvalier and his cronies have established themselves permanently elsewhere and I bet they have a much better life than those who chose to stay behind.



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