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Posting videos on the blog is working again as you can see...

Here is a video I made about Barack Obama to send a message to the Obama campaign about the Haitian American Voters in South Florida.

I thought I would use it to cheer you up a little, and to show you that videos are indeed showing up on the blog.

Woodring, June 9 2008, 3:52 AM

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The Haitian-American vote can be counted as both or either Black votes or/and Latino votes. Since Haitians are... read more >
Wilgeens Rosenberg, 9-Jun-08 12:27 pm
You piss me off with your RAMBLINGS about that afro latino stuff as if you have an identity problem. What makes you... read more >
Big Lionne The One Who Bites Hard, 9-Jun-08 1:14 pm
Funny as hell SaintPreux. I am going to try to post it on his political blog. read more >
Big Lionne, 9-Jun-08 1:20 pm
zoezo oiseau zoezo oiseau zoezo oiseau zoezo oiseau zoezo oiseau zoezo zoezo oiseau zoezo oiseau oiseau I cannot post... read more >
Lionne One, 11-Jun-08 11:26 am
Good for you!!! Your comment is too short of intelligence nor did I ever expect you would bare any capability to... read more >
Will Rosenberg, 15-Jun-08 3:45 am
Making that video and sending it to Obama is great. You have just set the example of little things that we can do to... read more >
Linda, 15-Jun-08 10:31 am
It is a pity that you come here spiting your hatress against Dominicans. Actually, we are working to extend to the... read more >
Lamatinier Perrin Toussaint, 23-Jun-08 3:20 pm


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