re:impeach preval for incompetence

Valraite - June 14 2008, 6:06 PM

President Preval needs to step down because he cannot do his job. He had at least 13 years in government.

(as Prime minister and President) It's too late for him. He is naturally an incompetent human being in every level.

A failure even in his private life. The man should be charged for Haut Trahison, high treason.

Millions and Millions of Dollars are being poured into the country yet nothing seems to ameliorate the living conditions of the masses in the entire country.

They are putting a band aid where they need to knock down and rebuild the entire area. Most of the Ports are still closed.

They have an archaic system in Port-au-Prince port with unrealistic cargo fees. The government need to decentralize.

Port-au-Prince is overpopulated and so far Preval administration have not done anything to alleviate the problem.

Preval do not even have an economic plan for Haiti although he had several advisors.

Brezil has promessed to send economic advisors.

Haiti can no longer have these neg brutal holding on to power.

Preval can retire on his own or get impeach.

He can always open a foundation afterwards to milking the international community for millions that will most likely go to his family and his women.


the rejection of Robert Manuel

The tragie-comedie that is being played with the destiny of our nation by those mercenaries of the chamber of deputy...

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