Empowering the Haitian American community

Linda - June 17 2008, 11:06 AM

We need to be recognize as the powerful voting block that we are. We need to identify ourselves outside of the Spanish speaking community and outside of the other black communities.

We Haitians need to be a voting block that others come to when they need a majority.

That is our negotiation tool, and we should make our power visible by joining the web group below.

Empower your community; join Haitians for Obama and show them the power of our vote.


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Linda says...

That URL does not seem to want to paste properly onto this site. However, if you simply do a Google search for... more »

Lamatinier Perrin Toussaint says...

That is what we, Dominic-NorthAmericans, are doing as a social integration tool, instead. more »

Linda says...

What? I don't mean to be dense, but I did not understand your post. What is it that you "Dominic-NorthAmericans are... more »