It is a pity that you come here spiting your hatress against...

Lamatinier Perrin Toussaint - June 23 2008, 3:20 PM

It is a pity that you come here spiting your hatress against Dominicans.

Actually, we are working to extend to the haitian community the blessing that will come when Obama become the new president of the United States of America, by organizing the haitian community, assisting with voting registration and civil rights restoration.

Senator Barack Obama is in need of the support of every single individual member of the USA society, but if you have been watching carefully his campaign he is against the divisionist and opportunistic approach of some individuals that want to profit themselves, personally, by exploiting hatress, anger and frustration among the members of any ethnic group.

For more details take a look at my website net-tronics.

The full address is

Le union cest le force.

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You piss me off with your RAMBLINGS about that afro...


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