Right now it is such a cliche and predictable that no one can...

Wilgeens Rosenberg - June 24 2008, 4:10 PM

Right now it is such a cliche and predictable that no one can know or claim for sure who is good for the position.

I expected a woman or any women anyhow would throw their support in favor a a female nominee and I feel that it was smart on Preval's part to have done so none, nevertheless or the least.

Anyway, the Senates and Deputies also know they could only go with this charade for so long until Preval could have claimed ruling by decree once again or once more like he did in his previous term which would have striped them of any kind of power they have, then sh!t would have really gotten messed up in Haiti knowing typical Haitian politics and Haitians are they are generally.

Genetically Haitians are confused, selfish beings no exceptions even if I have to include myself in it. We are not a community breed as we have never been from the very time we left or were taken from Africa.

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