Welcome Andre Manigat, I do agree with you that a single...

Linda - June 27 2008, 12:21 PM

Welcome Andre Manigat, I do agree with you that a single individual cannot resolve the country's problems.

It is clear that our issues are deep and historical.

It is also clear that the question of selfish self interest which result in corruption has always plagued Haiti, as it has plagued many post-colonial nations.

However, I totally disagree with anyone who generalizes and states that Haitians in general have no sense of nation.

The fact is that every Haitian who writes this thinks that he or she is the exception to the rule, hence, making the original point false.

Generalizing like Rosenberg did, whether it's about women or politics is a sure path to failure.

Haiti cannot get better with just a good leader, but it will certainly fail with a bad leader.

As you can see from what happened to the US in the past seven years, one bad leader can ruin a country in less than 8 years.

So my question to you Andre, is what minuscule evidence of progress can you show to support your statement that Preval has the will but that he cannot do even the basics for Haiti because he does not have the support needed.

Remember, that a good leader is one who can put aside his own bias and reach across the table to get people to work towards a common goal. I enjoyed your very well written and rational post, even if I did not agree with all the points.

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