Establishing Governors for the departments

Maria Santos - June 28 2008, 2:20 AM

Mr. president, I have an idea; I think it would be wise if you can establish governors for the ten departments in haiti.

These governors would be just like presidents in their departments and they would work along with the mayeres to take the department and the people.

You would be considered as national president for the entire country.

The load over your head would be much lighter.

So when you want to pass laws, you would meet with the governors and they would report back to you about their problems - people, s needs in the area. Mr. president think about.

Haiti needs it army back. Haitian people know throughout their lives thier country always has army. The army may be weak now but once up a time we fought for this country.

Our freedom not was given; we earned it. All of this kidnapping business is beacuse Force Army D, Haiti is not functioning.

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Linda says...

Dear Maria, this President will never put a standing army in Haiti because that would mean that Haiti is independent... more »

Zarien Krab Spider says...

It is very clear that our government is being pulled by some strong strings. May be our country is a neglected... more »

Linda says...

Zarien, I love your dark humor. Your statement, "maybe our country is a neglected state,’ or an undeclared... more »

Nominustha Ever says...

Nous sommes occupes! "Outre les elements de la gauche gouvernementale, d’autres entites politiques et sociales... more »

Zarien Krak Spider says...

We need some humor for stress relief We need it to tell the truth and voice our frustration as well. It helps to get... more »

Ti Ba says...

I understand this is not an Eglish 101 class, and I also understand that English is not Haitian's native language, but... more »

Ti Rouge says...

AIPAC is doing a great job in convincing both US lawmakers and the white house by provoking fear that "Iran Could Have... more »

Joel says...

War with Iran will occur end of 2008 or beginning of 2009. But Iran is no dummy, they might have some nuclear weapons... more »