Actually Fremzolove2be, it is not that simple. Before Reagan...

Linda - June 30 2008, 6:09 PM

Actually Fremzolove2be, it is not that simple.

Before Reagan became an actor and a governor, he studied and got a degree in economics and sociology from Eureka College.

Although active in many activities while in college, Reagan found time to served two years on the Student Senate, becoming president his senior year.

He also completed fourteen home-study Army Extension Course, was part of the US Army Reserve as early as 1937. He was first a Private, moved up to Second Lieutenant, than he became the liaison officer of the Port and Transportation Office, than moved up to the post of AAF Public Relations.

On January 14, 1943 he was promoted to First Lieutenant.

In January 1944, he became Captain Reagan, and in 1945 he was recommended for promotion to Major.

So, it really is not fair to say that he was an actor and than a Governor.

Furthermore, Reagan gained even more extensive leadership experience when, in 1946, after leaving the military, he became Vice president and later president of the Screen Actors Guild.

He was embroiled in many labor-management disputes and other delicate negotiating contract issues, and let's not forget that this was the era of Communism in the film industry, and things were very complex.

Reagan was chosen to lead SAG seven additional times.

During these same years, and much prior to his candidacy for governor, he had been a great orator for the conservative issues, and had given many speeches that he wrote himself for the party.

So, one cannot say that Reagan was just an actor who became a governor.

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