As I stood corrected on this. We will see naturally more women...

Will Rosenberg - July 3 2008, 11:18 AM

As I stood corrected on this. We will see naturally more women in favor of having Michele Duvivier as a Vice President regardless of her lack of expertise and experience or even controversial history.

Much like you may see more blacks in favor of seeing a first Black president.

It is always going to be a movement or Civil Cause in within itself regardless if any of us would like to admit that it is. I am not against a woman Vice President as Haiti cannot say we "never" had a woman president because Ertha Pascale Trouillot was a female President.

Provisory perhaps, but still she is in the list of Haitian presidents nevertheless.

Thus or so the notion that most women are saying those Haitian politician senators and deputies would not want a woman President is almost irrelevant and quite possibly absurd since it is not a matter of that those same politicians do not want a woman as Prime Minister, but rather they do not want anyone who does not benefit their pockets which has nothing to do with gender period.

Those senators and deputies are promoting violence and are sponsoring and ordering kidnappers to kidnap people so that it could look that they still have a function as an unstable Haiti has always been proven lucrative to them than a safe Haiti.

A safe and stable Haiti means not as much aides make it into Haiti and the only aides that do come into Haiti are those private, personal business investors from foreigners and Diaspora that those senators do not see or get to touch and are not the one with accountability for but their personal owners of those aides.

Pay attention well enough and let us go back into time a little bit you will see, the only time we have International Organization pretend to be sending money to Haiti is when they hear a chaos and crisis just erupted.

Where are those Aides promised when they ouster Aristide with their modern day Coup D'etat?

Where are those Aides promised when they returned Aristide back into power in 1994?

Where are they and whom did received it?

Surely you none of us can pinpoint it to Aristide...

Although typically of Haitians, they will always say and place blames of the no-show record of those Aides on Aristide as typically expected but what they fail to always realize is that the Foreign International Organization are manipulators at best who capitalize on Haiti's constant impending political unrest and instabilities to promote their own agendas to show to the World Banks that they are doing something with money giving to them as Grants, loans and so forth so they could keep the money on coming from the World Bank into their pockets as they play both and all sides since those Aides are not free hand outs. They are all debts Haiti is incurring and will still and must have to repay back.

PS: So ladies, when you think you actually know the source of the deep eroded corrosive or corrupted reign of what is happening Haiti to be this simple problem that you all think some lacking understanding, lacking experience in and of Haitian politics, Atheist lesbian, men hater would come in and change or turn things around for the better, you all could not be so far from the reality that it is not even about her, you, me or even us all Haitians.

It is rather about Foreign Internationals Influence calling the shots as to who they want to be elected in Haiti and who could serve their agendas.

Haiti is not even being Govern by Preval leave alone those senators and deputies who already are catering to those influences in a total power trip and abuse of the Haiti's power of Constitution as their ploy to keep Haiti at the stage and phase that it is at right now. Explain to me how most Country in light of irrupted crisis always have a sense of imminence in restoring order, yet as for Haiti, months after a major crisis have still found it not the be emergency enough to placed an existing Government so that those borrowed Aides could at least get into the Country so that now the Haitian people could pay better attention to what they are going to actually do with those Aides money?

If you think what happened in April was the last you have heard of Haiti in terms of Crisis, well think again...

A way greater crisis is imminent to happen and it will be a total "Dechoukay" and killings of those senators and deputies who are going to end up dead each morning in the streets of Haiti.

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