Dual Citizenship For Haitians

1 6 3 1 - July 3 2008, 9:18 PM

I support dual citizenship for Haitian all the way. it is funny that even Haiti politicians and presidential candidates will come to the diaspora to run their campaigns and do their fund raising but as soon as they make it to office they say to the diaspora "NON OU PA LADAN-L"

Haiti need the help of all it's sons and daughters, whether they are in Haiti or abroad, whether they were born in Haitian or on foreign soil.

Sispann pale franse misye senate ak misye depite, we the Haitian Americans want dual citizenship.

san sa lot anbago a se nou ki ap mete-l sou ayiti.

Imagine the economic chaos if Haitians abroad choose not to sent money to Haiti for 90 days.

Presidan Preval, fe yon bagay pou moun sonje-w le-w mouri, propose yon amendment for dual citizenship in Haiti.

Who was the last Haitian President who did something for the people?

Se disapora ki vide lajan nan ekonomi ayisyen-an, li le li tan pou diaspora patisipe nan eleksyon, li le pou diaspora vide lide nan politik haiti a tou.

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