Hi linda, nation means:" a group of people sharing a...

Andre Manigat - July 4 2008, 4:19 AM

hi linda,
nation means:" a group of people sharing a geographical area with common goals".

u did agree with me that that notion was absent from the ideals of the country's fathers.

i'm not blaming them. building a country is not an easy task. the posterity, better educated, did nothing or the few who tried to do encountered difficulties in articulating and implementing their ideas.

no one can claim to have the monopoly of the concept.

it requires a"Tet ansam" to render it concrete.

moreover, don't u realize that we haitians still believe in miracles?

that things can change overnight?

we need electricity " a gogo" and we don't build generators.

we need good roads; we have to buy the materials from aboard.

imagine how we're totally dependent from next door for daily consumption of basic products.

i'm not defending Preval, neither do i think He could be the best solution to our problems.

we have to grant him the fact that he is not corrupt, even when he is surrounded by folks eager to line up their pockets.

we can't say either that he condones it. these are facts hard to document.

personally, i'm not inclined to applaud "teledjol".

haiti needs to be built.

this job hasn't been done yet. we must focus on forging a new mentality, a new way of seeing and analyzing events and men. constructive criticism.

a little bit of realism.

haitians are " mendiants arrogants".

it is part of our heritage.

hilarious indeed the idea of being picky "quand nous sommes réduits à tendre l'obole".

i do love the exchange linda.

if we can extend the site and try to incorporate haitian intellingentsia in haiti and abroad.


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