The haitian experience is a microcosm of the "worldwide" black...

Mario Mothersil - July 5 2008, 2:12 PM

The haitian experience is a microcosm of the "worldwide" black experience.

Let us look at some of the facts:

A) Haitians generally "hate" white folks, only as long as white people is not present.

If a white person happens to be in their presence, they avail themselves to all "white" demands.

They will bend over, spread their cheeks as wide as they can and allow themselves to be adequately shafted while grining ear to ear. Those same traits are shared with most African Americans.

B) In the absence of black "brothers or sisters", the same "white man hater" will villify his own "brothers and sisters" to the white man, hoping that he will receive the next bone after all of the meat is eaten off.

C) Just as here in the USA, the black man continues to dwell on racism and slavery and appears to perpetually hate the white man, he also hates the Koreans, the Chinese, the Arabs, all who have established businesses in black communities.

Let us not forget that it was the african americans who were the primary object of persecution to the haitian immigrants, their supposed brothers ans sisters.

Most black folks cannot live in harmony in their surroundings, they must always have ennemies that must be destroyed.

However, genetic subconscious memory allows them to recognize the white man as being superior to him. the black man's sense of survival coupld to his genetic memory dictates to him that he is not to antagonize the white man, for he is extremely an intelligent and superior being.

Antaginizing the white man may become oblivion to survival or existence.

In Haiti, the same is true, the black man blames everyone else except himself: Everyone else is the cause of his shortcoming and miseries: The White man; the C.I.A.; French colonialism; The Duvalier regime; Aristide and the lavalasse party; You and I; Jesus Christ; etc...

D) I have come to the conclusion that the black politician can only be compared to most black men who will spend weeks or even months courting a woman only to zip his pants and walks away after the woman is conquered, oblivious of the possible damage he may have caused.

The black politician's job is similar in this sense, He only wants to conquer the black votes through beautifully written speeches, but does not really care about resolving any of the real issues...

Francois Duvalier, now vilified by many, is the first president who brough the overwhelming majority of the "black" haitians to the forefront.

In my opinion, this was a true duvalierist revolution.

It has never been noted however that the more than %80 of the population (who are black) were considered as "third rate" citizen of Haiti who could only live in the mountains while their fair skinned counterparts and white foreigners were the only ones who enjoyed the country's wealth.

In my honest opinion, Francois Duvalier may have been the first president who walked his talk by bringing the overwhelming percentage of his people to the forefront.

Therefore blaming the Francois Duvalier regime for the shortcomings of haiti is analogous to "not worth to make any effort to improve the lives of black people in Haiti".

Even Jesus Christ, if he were to occupy a position of leadership, would, in a very short time, be demonized by the people.

If I am to be completely honest, I must admit that given a choice to live in a white world vs a black world, I would definitely choose the former.

Although here in the USA, where the black man has a deathly fear of the white man's Laws, he still attempts to harm his very own, you only have to look at the percentage of violent crimes.

Worldwide, we are the only ethnic group who commit the highest percentage of crime against our own ethnic group.

With all of the abovementioned, one should never discuss the real issues with any black folks because they will continue to deny them with vigor, only to dwell with the same abovementioned.

The fact is we are doomed as a race.

Worldwide, we appear to be an ethnic group with no sense of logic or pride.

Given the possibility of being able to walk upside down, we sould be the only ethnic group to do so because it is the most fruitless and hardest to do. I may be the exception due to my genetic sense of logic that I give credit to my Irish ancestry.


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