I understand the blogger's point. Stop sending money to Haiti...

Zarien Krab Spider - July 5 2008, 7:25 PM

I understand the blogger's point.

Stop sending money to Haiti will cause some people to suffer.

Sure! But in the long run the entire country will benefit from it because lacks of revenues from the diaspora, no food transfer, and no travel to Haiti, will put pressure on thes rascals to grant us deouble citizenship.

One of our problem is that we are too "emotional", too "sentimental", and we are afraid that the people suffer sometimes.

Sometimes great things happen if we do what we suppose to do, putting aside "our emotions and forcefully demand the government and the politicians to amend the constitution".

We need to do what needs to be done to help haitian at home and abroad and ultimately help the country:let stop sending money now, or stop going there for awhile, and you'll see these shameless politicians give us what we have been asking for. we need to start thinking long term solution to solve our problems and save the country.


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