Preval is not incompetent nor is he stupid; he does what he...

Linda - July 13 2008, 7:21 PM

Preval is not incompetent nor is he stupid; he does what he does on purpose.

Each horrible thing he does to Haiti is done deliberately and calculatingly to destroy the country.

In my opinion, he is the puppet man that is being used to make the Haitian people so sick and tired of their situation that they will accept whatever is offered to them, including the petty thief Arristide or the bigger idiot thief Duvalier.

Preval knows about solar power; he just wont do anything about it because it would be a good thing for Haiti and that is not his game. He does not want anything good to happen to Haiti.

The question Haitians should be asking themselves is who is behind this puppet?

Who is trying to destroy Haiti and why?

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