Just because you cannot understand my logic and rational for...

Will Rosenberg - July 16 2008, 2:09 PM

Just because you cannot understand my logic and rational for being "NOT SO MUCH FOR IT" does not mean it has to make sense to you in other for it to make sense to others.

Perhaps and maybe that is just it, it does not make sense "TO YOU" whatsoever.

Granted regarding the Extradition matter, I feel for you brother that it does not work both ways and that itself needs to be fixed before and in other for Haiti to allow Dual Citizenship for the same and mere reasons I have given before for Haitians wanting to go to Haiti, serve and commit a crime then think they can simply just flee because they know of such glitch, loophole, infraction or even discrepancy of the double standard of the Extradition Policy therein exist between Haiti and the US. There are major difference good or bad as to whether or not someone is a Dual Citizenship President or not the difference in question will always be if such an individual really and truly have Haiti's interests at heart, mind and soul and not the interests of manipulative International Foreigners which will always poise as a question to many anyway in Haiti, especially within the Haitian political arena.

Regardless if not everyone who wants it wish to hold Government official jobs in Haiti which I never said all of them but those who wish to.

As and with that being said and mentioned, you have proven my point once again that it does not require one to hold a government position or affiliation to do for Haiti, to give back to Haiti or to accomplish certain level of civic duty where such a restriction of dual citizenship does not exist and which there are plenty.


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