Do Haitians really believe Preval reads the blog?

Tiba - July 17 2008, 7:07 AM

It amazes me every time I see people addressing Preval on this forum directly as if Preval reads the blog. I'm wondering if Preval is even aware or knows about the blog?

Let say he (Preval) knows and is fully aware of the blog, do you really think he gives any consideration to what Haitians are saying?

Do you really think he cares about our opinions, our thoughts and our feelings vis-avis our country?

Last time I checked, the haitian government had more daily meetings than Washington and Vatican put together, and all of these meeting happen to be with foreigners/white people, the masters.

These are the people the haitian government listens to, these are the people Preval goes to for advice and approvals always.

Last time I checked Preval and his government had traveled the world participating in all kind of meetings, but what exactly those meeting ever accomplished for Haiti, NOTHING!

Last time I checked, Preval's government had received more money from the master than any previous governments, and yet, there is still no money to even clean the streets of the capital, Port-Au-Prince, let alone to build anything else and create jobs.

Oftentimes, I asked the good Lord what was the capital sin had Haiti committed to deserve this kind of punishment?

Does the punishment really fits the sin?

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Will Rosenberg says...

That I will agree with you on. It amazes me as well to see how stupid some Haitians can be into thinking this is... more »

Tiba says...

Will Rosenberg, We finally agree on something, good! The reason why the haitian government spends so much time meeting... more »