Wilgeens Rosenberg - July 17 2008, 4:23 PM

By Wilgeens "AfroLatino" Rosenberg.

Am I to be part of, or eventually wish and desire perhaps there be once again a Haitian Armed Forces in Haiti one day?

Yes, I do as on paper the Army still exists.

Do I desire to become president of Haiti one day?

My answer is affirmatively, certainly and definitively NO, period.

By the way, my long term desired dream career and passion is FILM and to work in the domain that caters to social improvements and greater relations between the Haitian and Dominican Republic of the Island of Hispaniola.

Thus never the desire to become Haiti's president one day has ever been one of my ambitions.

Rather or instead my future goal for Haiti is to revitalize the Haitian Armed Forces if ever it will be or shall be re-established so that it becomes a well respective reputable Institution where young Haitian men and women can learn how to love and serve and respect their Country sot hat we do not have this many easy to manipulate corrupted politicians as we do today in Haiti's political arena.

As this new Haitian Armed Forces will be kept away from any political affiliations and will be only under the overall directive of the Country's Commander In Chief, its Generals and lastly the Country's Congressional Branch.

As also in addition, this improved Armed Forces will be used as an alternative means and tools for young Haitian men and women to get an education and future jobs in or outside this Armed Forces as this re-established Armed Forces will be more like a Corp De Genie and will be decentralized throughout the provincial Country sides of Haiti given that bases will be built in other regions of Haiti for training, schooling and Military Tactical Exercises that will instill pride, valor and integrity in those young men and women in adopting a true sense of civic duty and sets of dignified codes and values.

This new Armed Forces I hope will be consisting of an ARMY, NAVY and possibly AIR FORCE if and when Haiti can or will be able to afford to and I would bring back "LA MARINE HAITIENNE" to be more on the medical help it once was for scholars in Haiti in the study of Oceanic Marina studies and conservation.

This Armed Forces will have other regional departmental sub-divisions that will be considered as something similar to the Reserves and National Guard that will be primarily be themselves under the directive of hopefully assigned Mayoral or Governors jurisdictions.

P.S: The only military Branches that would be left in Haiti would be first the Presidential and the Department Of Defense Concierge.

Second, a Sustainable Immediate or Intermediate Deployable Response Striking Team in the event of additional troops is needed to assist the Police Forces or in case of Emergencies such as natural disasters, border security patrol to work in conjunction joint operation and corporation with and so forth.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO READ: My goal for a Future Haiti does includes indeed greater relations with our next door same Island inhabitants the Dominican Republic for a prosperous Hispaniola.

This draft is welcomed to suggestions, recommendations and ideas in favor or pertaining to this plan for a new Haitian Armed Forces in Haiti.

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