Anyway believe it or not, it is quite feasible to achieve the...

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Anyway believe it or not, it is quite feasible to achieve the finding of the funding for the re-establishment of the Army as recently Preval had a commission that were suppose to conduct a census in asking the Haitian people and the Haitian parliament if they would think it was necessary for it, but long before that was to happen as you know Haiti had that crisis as Haiti's Army still exists on paper and documents.

It was disbanded, not destroyed.

The re-instatement at first of course would not have been a full blown out one time process, it would have been due in process of many gradual escalated measures until proper channels of sponsors and donors and funds are efficiently appropriated and allocated.

As far as the Air Force, it would not have to be an Air Force equipped with fighter planes, but simply helicopters and small jets so that the border patrol and security can maintained or against the war on drugs...

That can be achieved through joint military training and exercises given if Haiti can developed a peaceful accord with either DR, PR or even other nearby Caribbean Islands such as Turks & Caicos among others for cooperated efforts of other nations as we could well start using the UN troops now to start some level of training so that it would show in sign that their intent is to one day leave Haiti.

With that premise is where Haiti needs to start focusing their tactics to get funds for such a project.

In Haiti's doctorate of weaponry, their weapons or arms' deal have never been with the US, but with Russia and Germany, thus mostly European weapons.

It was not until recently when Aristide was toppled that M16 started emerging in Haiti.

If any M16 had made its way through Haiti it was because of the fact (not speculation) that those M16 were attained from the Dominican Republic and the US CIA in effort of this recent modern day Coup D'etat that took place in Haiti which ousted Aristide.

Let us imagine if Haiti's economy were to remain stable for two straight consecutive years if not more and Haiti can get to a point and manage to pay the Haitian populace workforce from even 50 Cents to $1 dollar more than what they are getting in paid in DR, you would start seen a mass exodus of Haitians back into Haiti and I would start a recall of all Haitian construction workers to come work in Haiti in the building of Military Bases, Training installations and Military Zone Housing for military members and their family and barracks construction for single soldiers if so they chose to reside on bases would be totally up to those soldiers.

I mean, I would try to find other funds and means to pay them (The Construction Workers that is) even $1 dollar more or the same price as that of DR but with possible medicare, and a retired pension plan after 15 to 20 years of work. Also those same construction workers, if they meet the criteria of physical medical examination and age requirement aI would ask them if they want to join the Armed Forces which will be like Job security and a fixed paycheck.

As far as legislatively speaking, I would ask the Parliament to make it obligatory that every young men and women of the age of 18 or older to join if it is not already so under the constitution (which I believe it is obligatory because it says COMPULSORY).

Thus by instituting something like the US selective Program system that would guaranty them school partial or in full depending on their selection of service which would obligate them to go to Basic Training and Military Duty Service during the summer times at least.

Besides, this Armed Forces would be like being in school with a better and greater prospect of assuring a future job and career either in the Military, in the Government and lastly in the Haitian workforce.

Since this Armed Forces would be like a Corp Engineer Army which its very first institutional years would be based on helping in the Construction of Haiti where ever the Haitian Government needs extra assistance on certain development projects that is what mostly those young men and women's deployments would consist of or unless they have reached levels to be officers where their deployment would be in neighboring Caribbean nations or beyond for Officer Training for one to two year tours.

Thus even greater punishments and judicial and tribunal extradition laws would be enacted to prevent the evading of service by thinking they can remain in those other Countries they are sent to for training and if they violate that it would be considered as high treason that could be punishable by death and forfeiture of pay and benefits that could have been due to you or family member

I mean I have ideas and have long been thinking about it as a goal of mine, but others' ideas suggestions and recommendations are always welcomed for I do not have all the answers, but nothing is impossible and if it seems impossible, my thinking would have to make impossible possible and YES WE CAN. Impossible Is Nothing and believe me this would benefit Haiti greatly if we try to go around thinking about this carefully.

Job provision in Haiti would not come if there are no kinds of investments and for those investors to come in, Haiti would have to be secure and the Government cannot lie and promise jobs it is not furnishing into the Country, but a military service accomplishes both and make it more feasible for job creation to be achieve in Haiti.

It gives young men and women a place of schooling as well as it provide them a job security position while they are service their Country fulfilling their civic duty which would only requires for them to serve from two, four, six and eight years.

Any other further Contracts and obligation would be totally up to the service member as to if they want to re-up or not. However I would guaranty that all military pension or retirements would begin from after finishing the minimal 10 years of service but of course certain benefits will be awarded to those service members in general who honorably complete their fulfillments of the contract they had signed for.

NEXT POST WILL BE THE: The Regulations Of The Haitian Armed Forces.

Will Rosenberg, July 18 2008, 4:39 AM

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