what we all already know.

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Well what it is, it is that many people out in the World Media make it seems that as though Haiti is the only Country with poverty and with areas that are not pleasant to see on Television.

When almost most of the Latin-American poor Countries have those images they are not proud of to see on the screen.

Indeed you see less of them being expose because due to less political instabilities most of these other Countries have not been the main focus of negative stigmatism.

Yet, we see more people demonizing one another, ridiculing much of every stances aim for peace and rely mostly on hatred, old deep rooted resentments and inherited false differences to go at each other's throats without realizing no matter your hues, condition and any sense of supremacy one may hold dear to their hearts to feel important about themselves that no matter what, no matter what at all, we are all indigenous to the very same World thus is what we all have in common equally.

We can amass all the amount of wealth and economical grace of success all we can all, but it will mean nothing as long as we do not have humanity and be humane to one another, to the Earth.

There need not to be wars for us to start asking for peace, there need not to be chaos for us to start asking for order as to the very same there need not to be tension to know there are fundamental problems with us as people.

Keep in mind, no matter the amount of land and territories we claim with all the much boundaries and jurisdictions we try to set ourselves apart as to being our own Countries, Nations and Empires because when all our malice is done speaking for how so negative we have treated each other and die, those territorial lands and jurisdiction will always be and belong to the one and only Earth.

It always has and always will be as we are the ones dying and the Earth itself will go on until it is its time for it to be no more...

but until such time, the Earth has all the time in the World, but do we?

So, how about we start looking into this common deficiency which we all have that is to simply start realizing this that it is we have in common as people instead of blaming each others as nations or Countries, races and colors, conditions and exclusion.

Why must we punish each other for the deeds of past Ancestors who did not keep in mind that we later generations would still have to live with each other and one another here on that very same World they each seek to establish apart for what started it all which was people's greed and own ambitions to conquer and control.

Okay and indeed, we know all that much of what the problems are and granted.

So why the constant bashing of each other as how and what is the reason for its justification if we all know that much?

What I may have say may very well will remain just words if we as this future generation do not act as we can clearly see, many of the now generation ruling and controling everything do not share any common care for us future generation, but it does not matter how much more or less they do for they will pass, what really matters is how much we will do for ourselves so that we will not let our future generations that is to come after us endure the same unaccountability

Will Rosenberg, July 19 2008, 11:19 AM

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