Why are we still on that homosexuality issue?

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Listen you all. Why are we on that Homosexuality issue?

Are you guys gay or something but perhaps in denial or something.

Why the hell would I care if the rest of the World was gay?

I suppose that would mean more b!tches for me to have since I would be one of the very few straight men. Lastly, with the now crisis Haiti is facing right now, as Haitians we cannot even think how to get a Country back on her feet, so it is the complexity of gay issues you all feel Haiti or Haitians would ever be able or ever be capable to easily decipher?

You all need to get real and in touch with what's really matter.

Oh man, typical Haitians people, I tell you


The fact that you are even mentioning that homosexuality is a disease is absurd nor is it a birth defect is the point Iw as trying to make but I use the analogy of the pregnant drinking woman as a theory to prove that if anything it would much be considered a birth defect due to the cause and fact that if any such transition of the Y or X chromosome was defected by a release of a woman's hormone during some kind of reactionary process of experience tantrum or violent home as you mentioned in someone's earlier theory.

Truth of the matter is homosexuality is a choice, a preference of stimulation more than it is neither of the even two possibility or impossibilities in questions.

Much like even as a man who is straight your desire, choice and preferences in the certain visual images of what your kind of women that you are into stimulates you and your gratification at times may only fully be accomplished and satisfied no more or less if you do not have that specific stimuli for some people at least that is.

Some people are born liking or having certain taste for certain food, but do they really have or must allow themselves to indulge in those cravings or not is their own personal choice and how strong and attached they have grown comfortable to accepting that addiction into indulging themselves on it. If you wish to call that in religious terms "Sexual Gluttony" perhaps yes.

Jolibwam Bwamjoli, July 21 2008, 4:33 PM

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