Hey, MR. ___________ AKA- TI-ROUGE; By reading your last post...

Mario Mothersil - July 21 2008, 11:42 PM

Hey, MR. ___________ AKA- TI-ROUGE; By reading your last post, I have a feeling that you are defying me to put your business on this blog. Rest assured that I definitely can. Are you aware of a section of the Law referred to as FOIA. Just type FOIA in the dialog box of your browser and you will know what I mean in terms of obtaining information on anyone through the correct channels.

This is not Haiti where haitian always engage in "TRIPOTAJ".

Here in the USA, we have the facts to back up the allegations.

Anyone who has been convicted of a felony as you have on several occasions, I can put my eyes on you at any time I wish or simply assign one of my new recruits on a "GET CLOSE" detail in order to cook your goose.

But again, as I said, you a are a very small fish in the pond. Neverhteless, as a 'COMPADRE", please allow me to school you on a few of the facts.

All information that is shown online such as that shown as your felony convictions is open to anyone and everyone, who can access it. I can, however, enhance or facilitate the access of such information by simply copying it from the source data base, and simply pasting it on this blog. It is just that simple.

Just tell me to do it, in your audacious way, and I will. Also, Being an intelligent Haitian, as evidenced by the running of YOUR BIEUTIFULL KOUNTRY by your peers, there is really nothing that you or anyone else can legally do about it. I have official access to all of the government data bases and web sites including NCIC; FCIC, state and local.

I can even tell if your father is the real McCoy through your DNA that was abtained during your last arrest "REMEMBER?".

All I have to do is order a comparative analysis of your sample with that of your "SUPPOSED" father.

As you should already know by now, a lot of haitians have discovered that they were never BABY'S REAL DADDY.

Finally, all that is needed on anyone is their names and date of birth to be automatically "ZEROED" on. I zeroed in on you because I know the following about you; your name, your date of birth, place of birth in haiti, your FBI number as well as your fingerprint ID number.

You see. If I want to frustrate you further, I can create several additional email addresses and userid on this blog and diffuse all of your information and you would not know where these came from or "what's goin' on".

Imagine, for everyone to know who the real TI-ROUGE is, You woul dno longer be the little "POMPOUS PEDAN".

what is left of your reputation and your image would be shattered permanently.

I do not think that you would like that too much TI-ROUGE, "KAPISH".

For closing, be also aware that I am indemnified in my curent position.

In other words, suing me is to sue the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ...

Imagine, you, not even able to afford an updated computer, now, wanting to sue the government.

"ONLY A HAITIAN CAN BE SO STUPID" as to think that he can sue the FEDERAL government and win. Please understand the following.



What ever action you decide to take, assuming that you would "AND I HONESTLY DO NOT THINK THAT YOU WOULD OR COULD IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM" would be a waste of time and effort and would backfire.

I would have you arrested each time you walk the streets just to harrass you. I can also, through a stroke of my pen, initiate an executive order that can have you picked up as an undesirable alien because of your past criminal offenses, again, if I want to do so little fish. I fight myself from doing that because of your innocent offsprings.

Although you are not doing much for them, a father figure may be of assistance.

You should also consider doing a DNA on one of your kids: TI-ROUGE cannot have kids that TI-NEG. I know that you are wondering who I am. Well, the very few people who do know me call me "BIG BROTHER".

I see everything, know everything and have the authorithy do just about anything that I want. Things such as the initiation of a grand jury investigation is my "FORTE".

Again, Look at TOTO. He is looking at 25 in the pen. His room mate "BIG BUBBA" has already been chosen.

If I feel that you are a potential terrorist threat in my country, the USA, I can also have you deported in a heartbeat.

This is "If I wanted to" of course.

TI-ROUGE, being here in the good old USA, with your background, I want you to know that you are as a fish out of water.

By the way, you look rahter NEGRISH in your last mug. I wonder why you are nick named TI-ROUGE.




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